Episode 71 - He's had plenty of mates (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:15 Initial press reactions to Melbourne stabbing

00:04:25 Narre Warren people at risk of ACL at their homes

00:08:15 Sad story where rich boomers who inherit a house can't get more than $1.7m for it

00:10:46 Frydenberg trying to sell renters a really dumb lie

00:13:36 Jones and Morrison vs Trumble

00:19:18 Jones helps Morrison come up with his "fair dinkum power" line

00:21:00 Jones help Frydenberg come up with his dumb "rents will rise" lie

00:23:36 Sleazy Scott and the FM crews

00:30:28 We all like paying for Slomo's empty bus

00:35:24 When you can actually appeal to people's hip pocket, but feel gross doing it - the ACF chatting with the Guardian

00:42:44 How could cost of living be something that *helps* the Libs?

00:46:00 Australia Vs Humanity - Fran Kelly can see an upside to holding kids for 5 years; Scott Morrison says he cries on his knees

01:11:17 NSW Labor's wretched former leader Luke Foley is gone

01:16:04 Mark Latham's completely disastrous first few days with One Nation