Episode 70 - Discriminatum et Bigotrum (feat Denise Pirko)

(Or, according to Google Translate, "Discrimen et odique", but it didn't work so well as a title.)

00:01:33 Matthew Guy wants to bring back religious instruction classes

00:05:15 The Vic Libs want to Get Back In Control... of the state they're entitled to rule. Also their continence.

00:08:03 Sydney Anglican Schools demand right to bully and oppress LGBTI staff; and a single Nationals MP is very angry with them for it; just wanting LGBTI people to accept being second-class citizens

00:12:16 Brandon Selic Stuck in my Craw - the Libs stealing NDIS money for drought relief

00:18:01 Sir Humphrey's Four Step Process for (not) dealing with climate change

00:19:32 Barnaby wants us to address drought like Pharaoh

00:22:16 The Libs stealing indigenous advancement money to fight against land rights

00:23:40 Tony Abbott genuinely surprised that indigenous people find him joking about "invasions" unfunny

00:25:30 Half a billion dollars for the Australian War Memorial

00:29:23 Sky News's racism problem continues - Ross Cameron attacks Chinese people

00:33:02 Australia vs Humanity - George Brandis (yes, really) claims they'll have all kids off Nauru by the end of the year. But where, and in what conditions, and why should we believe anything they claim.

00:34:12 Brazil - as the new govt prepares to bulldoze large parts of the Amazon, Australian intrasigence on climate change renders us mute

00:36:00 Fair Dinkum Power

00:36:38 Brazil - what it tells us about the rise of fascism

00:40:38 Treasurer Josh Frydenberg thinks the idea of going back to the old system of rich people who don't pay tax not being given extra cash for owning shares by taxpayers

00:44:04 Rubella eradicated in Australia