Episode 82 - Thank Georgina (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:18 Georgina's cheque

00:06:14 *Georgina's retiree (audio)

00:11:34 *Tim Wilson Loses His Shit (audio)

00:14:23 *Tim Wilson and the grubby smear (audio)

00:16:37 *Michaelia Cash caught out; demands an apology (audio)

00:22:22 Stacking AAT on the way out

00:25:59 Cormann's totally above board free holiday

00:27:45 Constrasting the rorts with robodebt deaths, and revelations robodebt costing almost as much - or more - than it raises

00:35:29 Muffin Break reminds us to #changetherules

00:42:20 *Socialism Corner - young people are apparently increasingly keen on "socialism", causing Fox News in the US to excoriate teaching kids about "fairness", and Sky News here to rant vaguely about Venezuela (Audio)

00:49:40 AvH: Lib Senator Linda Reynolds' revolting crocodile tears

00:54:56 Christian Porter's bullshit "glaring" "loophole" nonsense

00:57:24 The Libs' "limited tenders" - Paladin ($423m) and PIH ($21.5m), the shonky arrangements, and the impact on refugees

00:58:35 The Libs' shonky scheme to send sick refugees to Xmas Island out of spite

01:03:01 Hakeem al-Araibi red notice was bc Border Force forgot to send an email.

01:03:53 *One Nation rabble (audio)

01:06:34 *Vic LDP accidental upper house member's "Rexit"