Episode 81 - Classy War (feat Jeremy Poxon)

Jeremy Poxon from the Australian Unemployed Workers' Union (http://unemployedworkersunion.com) joins the regular Jeremy to discuss

00:01:21 The insane national paranoia about sick refugees

00:02:18 *Matthias Cormann's deranged paranoia (audio)

00:04:11 *Michael McCormack doesn't understand the bill he's ranting about (audio)

00:05:43 *Scummo tells "people smugglers" that Australia's borders are "weak" so please don't come *wink* (audio)

00:08:46 *Scummo explains that heads the bad thing is Labor's fault, tails the opposite thing is thanks to us (audio)

00:09:53 *Politicians mis-hearing the question (audio)

00:11:39 *Reading of Border Force admitting boats never stopped arriving

00:15:07 *Scummo making clear that it's not drownings that bother him, it's refugees arriving here safely (audio)

00:17:28 *Cam Smith tells us what's stuck in his craw (watering down minor refugee protections)

00:22:26 The insane national war on the poor