Episode 80 - Frankenboomers (feat Cam Smith)

00:02:15 LNP exit update

00:07:06 *Scullion's deadly retirement (audio)

00:08:20 Franking credit cash giveaway grabs the nation; have the Libs outsmarted themselves?

00:28:33 Taxes Are Always Bad - Scammo's economic Common Sense

00:29:03 *Scammo's "Economics 101" (audio)

00:36:15 Banking RC report handed down; misbehaviour to be punished so sternly bank shares skyrocket

00:43:08 AvH ASIO stopping women fleeing Saudi Arabia

00:43:21 AvH Australia sets up Hakeem

00:44:45 AvH "kids off Nauru"; medical transfer legislation

00:48:17 *Scummo's "indigenous voice" requirements (audio)

00:54:01 *KAK's racist whatabouttery (audio)