Episode 81 - Classy War (feat Jeremy Poxon)

Jeremy Poxon from the Australian Unemployed Workers' Union (http://unemployedworkersunion.com) joins the regular Jeremy to discuss

00:01:21 The insane national paranoia about sick refugees

00:02:18 *Matthias Cormann's deranged paranoia (audio)

00:04:11 *Michael McCormack doesn't understand the bill he's ranting about (audio)

00:05:43 *Scummo tells "people smugglers" that Australia's borders are "weak" so please don't come *wink* (audio)

00:08:46 *Scummo explains that heads the bad thing is Labor's fault, tails the opposite thing is thanks to us (audio)

00:09:53 *Politicians mis-hearing the question (audio)

00:11:39 *Reading of Border Force admitting boats never stopped arriving

00:15:07 *Scummo making clear that it's not drownings that bother him, it's refugees arriving here safely (audio)

00:17:28 *Cam Smith tells us what's stuck in his craw (watering down minor refugee protections)

00:22:26 The insane national war on the poor

Episode 80 - Frankenboomers (feat Cam Smith)

00:02:15 LNP exit update

00:07:06 *Scullion's deadly retirement (audio)

00:08:20 Franking credit cash giveaway grabs the nation; have the Libs outsmarted themselves?

00:28:33 Taxes Are Always Bad - Scammo's economic Common Sense

00:29:03 *Scammo's "Economics 101" (audio)

00:36:15 Banking RC report handed down; misbehaviour to be punished so sternly bank shares skyrocket

00:43:08 AvH ASIO stopping women fleeing Saudi Arabia

00:43:21 AvH Australia sets up Hakeem

00:44:45 AvH "kids off Nauru"; medical transfer legislation

00:48:17 *Scummo's "indigenous voice" requirements (audio)

00:54:01 *KAK's racist whatabouttery (audio)

Episode 78 - The Quiet Australians (feat Kristin O'Connell)

00:01:20 Unprecedented weather conditions aren't anything to worry about

00:02:45 Murray Darling just one of those things

00:10:57 Audit of Libs' dodgy $443m PLUS $86m GBR giveaway

00:14:38 Scummo's Quiet Australians

00:17:24 Boardgame corner

00:20:50 Scummo's 26 Jan culture war on councils

00:26:58 Disingenuous 25 Jan distraction

00:32:20 Suggestion for date

00:36:27 Renters rights - why shouldn't they be the same as mortgagees'?

00:39:46 Australia Vs Humanity (indigenous kids locked up, dying; deporting some whilst being resentful others "snub" us)

00:51:18 Ironic unsolicited text messages

Episode 77 - Not Insurmountable Hardship (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:52 Howard cabinet papers: sabotaging kyoto, setting up the waterfront fight

00:10:55 War to defend negative gearing for investment properties: ABC buying the LNP's bullshit and repeating it; NSW tenancy rights

00:30:20 Nazis and Nazi-friendly senators in Melbourne

00:33:23 Australia Vs Humanity: "Execution not 'insurmountable' hardship")

00:37:34 Australia Vs Humanity: Department quizzing gay people on the details of their sex lives

00:41:20 WA still imprisoning people for fines - gofundme rescuing indig women

00:49:46 Palmer vs Twisted Sister

00:51:33 Scummo's silly two left feet thing: but far more embarrassing should be being praised by Trump