Episode 68 - Administrative Error (feat Brandon Selic)

00:01:00 Summary

00:04:20 Liberals' special week as incompetent boobs: voting for Hanson's white power motion an "administrative error"; new environment minister mocks Pacific Islands; Scummo thinks science is a lot more Faith-y than it is; Nats trying to bring back Barnaby

00:18:03 the Libs' weird decision to invite a war with the arab world in an attempt to win Wentworth

00:27:12 more leaks of the Ruddock Review confirming that it really is solely about LGBTI-bashing and not "religious freedom"

00:36:20 Australia vs Humanity - Nauru kicks out senior Australian doctor; Morrison floats sending refugee children to NZ, but only if Labor signs off on another power grab for the xenophobes

00:42:07 positive things: Ellis Defence removed; abortion decriminalised in Queensland; ACL very unhappy.

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Episode 67 - Who do you think you are (feat Denise Pirko)


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Omelas - http://www.mccc.edu/pdf/eng102/Week%209/Text_LeGuin%20Ursula_Ones%20Who%20Walk%20Away%20From%20Omelas.pdf

00:01:09 Flogging off the Sydney Opera House - Alan Jones, Gladys Berejiklian, and Scott Morrison vs the Opera House and the people of NSW;

00:09:58 The safe space after Alan Jones bullies Louise Herron

00:13:51 The safe space after Alan Jones' fauxpology

00:18:24 The safe space after the last excerpt where you might hear Alan Jones's voice

00:22:55 The Ruddock Review leak - step too far for Hinch, then Bolt, then a backdown from Morrison and even the ACL; Morrison contradicts Cormann claiming Cabinet was considering the report; possibility that the conservatives' plot may backfire and result in fixing long-standing discrimination against LGBTI kids and staff in schools

00:32:21 Kristin O'Connell tells us what's stuck in her craw - American conservative cash promoting right-wing causes here

00:35:00 Australia's idiotic response to the IPCC report; Morrison thinks what happens on Earth doesn't affect Australia; Australia to definitely miss Paris targets; JR Hennessy suggests we stop listening on climate change to people who know they won't be around to see the worst

00:41:44 Cheeky Scamp Watch - LNP schemes of the week. You've got to keep your eyes on those naughty little chappies! $3.2bn in corporate tax cuts for LNP supporters, and the fiction of trickle-down vs trickle up; remember the reverse ratchet

00:46:48 Australia vs Humanity: Aboriginal woman fined $500 for stealing $6 box of tampons;

00:52:04 Australia vs Humanity: CDP cruelty to expand;

00:56:20 Australia vs Humanity: Medecins sans Frontieres exiled from Nauru; Omelas

00:59:58 Victoria to stop forcing trans married people to divorce

Episode 66 - That Ratchet Still Needs Reversing (feat Kristin O'Connell)

Kristin joins Jeremy (who has stuffed up his Zoom settings and is accidentally recording with the internal mic rather than the proper mic in front of him) to discuss trains, kinders, shonky arrangements between conservatives and Nauru, and (for some unfathomable reason in the middle), political boardgames.

00:01:30 Remembering the Reverse Ratchet

00:05:11 Guy can do trains too, he totally can, he's a train guy!

00:10:50 ALP promising three year old kindergarten; Virginia Trioli inconveniently remembering the children the ALP's abandoning on Nauru

00:17:30 The Australian government's "sovereignty of Nauru" pathetic excuse for ignoring court orders and blocking media, and uncovered departmental documents confirming what a lie that is.

00:23:20 ALP starts admitting Coalition policies they'll ape, like having a monstrous combined Home Affairs department

00:25:15 Bill Leak Jr, media regulation; legal aid; progressive policies that actually improve the economy, vs conservative cuts that cost money. How do these things flow into each other? Somehow!

00:30:04 SIMC - Erin Riley - treatment of and developments in women's sport

00:32:30 What the hell is competitive Tetris, and can you make an entertaining boardgame about Australian politics

00:40:22 We'll try to do a better job of remembering the people not in the room

00:43:50 This week in racism news - indigenous communities being ignored as their water supply is contaminated with uranium; when fundraising is used to makeup for government failures

00:48:30 ABC update - Guthrie sacked, Milne resigned, board in the crosshairs - and the Coalition, with its shonky process of appointing mates

00:51:30 the quiet bit of the podcast, the Friday before the Grand Final, where we can slip out without too much noise that Australia's carbon emissions have skyrocketed since the Coalition scrapped the carbon price

00:52:28 Liberal Party in Wentworth attack Kerryn Phelps for having the poor judgment to preference them.

00:55:10 The Nauru/Australia agreement on silencing the media about refugees

00:56:00 Hobart Supreme Court upholds anti-discrimination protections against homophobic bigots

00:57:22 "Tampon Tax" to finally go

00:58:38 Four day work week news from NZ

*Apologies for Jeremy's audio quality (he foolishly hit the button that disconnected the external mic, so instead ended up recording from the internal mics) and the mix (excerpts in particular) is a bit less balanced than we'd like, as we've run out of time to edit before Sunday night. We figure in the choice between two days' delay and some slightly wonky audio balance for the excerpts. Hopefully we made the choice you prefer.*

Episode 65 - Indulgent Self-Loathing (feat Erin Riley)

00:01:10 Scott "I've just learned not to care, and I really don't" Morrison, ordinary bloke with a mortgage, and a trophy he made himself about stopping boats.

00:09:15 Robert Manne's depressing proposal to give up and make a hideous trade with the right - compassion for the refugees in our gulags, in exchange for accepting the brutality of dragging other refugees out to sea

00:24:20 Liberal Party might consider quotas for women if Labor hadn't had them first, ruining the idea FOREVER

00:36:00 To hell with needs-based funding, ScoMo gives bonus billions to the nation's richest schools

00:45:58 "Religious freedom" sounds so much nicer than "religious privilege", doesn't it. And then a philosophical debate about the limits of religious rights. CW: whilst both participants in the debate support equality for LGBTIQ people, an argument is put by one participant for the idea of churches being able to discriminate in hiring according to their particular prejudices. Whilst this contention is vigorously disputed by the other participant, in hindsight I (Jeremy) regret having not made a point to expressly discuss the effect on the people who would be harmed by such discrimination, and acknowledge that having one’s rights implicitly discussed without being explicitly considered as affected parties might reasonably be triggering and upsetting to listeners. Sometimes the “debate the other side” position can be thoughtlessly harmful, even if the intention is to rebut it, for which we apologise.

01:07:02 September - the time when a young Prime Minister's mind turns to a national holiday in January. And floating an insincere complementary "indigenous day". And when right-wing culture warriors (like the Nationals' Bridget McKenzie) are a bit confused about the basics of the right-wing culture they want to impose on us.


#VicVotes Fire Services Primerhttps://medium.com/@ebatruth/vicvotes-fire-services-primer-b91dcb28f096

Episode 64 - Two Jobs (feat Denise Pirko)

00:00:58 Win for tenants in Victoria

00:03:16 Malcolm Gunning's "get two jobs" solution for renters

00:11:50 Morrison following up "gender whisperer" nonsense with a call for parents to override teachers

00:16:12 9 year old student stands against stupid patriotism, is supported by her parents against teachers...

00:17:55 ...is abused by fuckwits Alan Jones and Mark Latham

00:20:45 ...is threatened with violence by fuckwit Pauline Hanson

00:33:02 Scott Morrison's demand for religious privileges to discriminate against LGBTI people, which sound nicer when you call them "religious freedom"

00:40:30 Dutton, the man who controls the collection of all your data, likes to keep it to use to attack anyone who criticises him

00:42:39 The awful cashless "welfare" card to be spread even further, notwithstanding all the trials it's failed

00:43:54 Mark Knight, still a shithouse cartoonist, now world-renowned as an abysmal racist